My Speeches

On stage at the CTIA Conference 2011

I’ve always wanted to get better at public speaking so I joined Toastmasters. In addition to teaching you how to give speeches, you also learn how to confidently give feedback, and even answer extemporaneous questions. It’s organized as an apprentice-based, franchise model so it’s important to find the right club. Clubs are very open to guests so people shop around. It’s also pretty cheap so people often join more than one club. My clubs are Westside Toasties and DE Squared on the Upper West Side but we’re virtual these days. If you’re looking for a club, you can find one here.

Here are my current speeches:

  1. How to Live Like an Emperor in the Age of Coronavirus (May 2020)
  2. Ouch! I Think I Just Learned Something (June 2020)