Almanac – Kid Stuff

  • LetGrow is a “Free Range Parenting” site (the opposite of helicopter parenting) that supports parents in raising more independent and resilient children.
  • The Chompers Podcast was created specifically for kids to listen during their morning and night tooth brushing. It’s engaging and exactly the right length to brush their teeth.
  • Valance and Chemistry Fluxx are fun games for kids and adults that also teach basic chemistry concepts.
  • The Kid Should See This is a weekly collection of videos that are inspiring for kids and parents. They also have a great holiday gift guide.
  • I’ve been a big fan of Richard Feynman for many years. I’m so happy that Jim Ottaviani did a graphic biography of Feynman that captures Feynman’s essence.
  • Penny Magic is a set of strong magnets, British pennies, and an instruction guide that you can use to do some pretty awesome things.
  • We’ve using instructional placemats at home for years. My favorites are maps of the continents. The placemats all look similar but everyone gets a different continent. I also like the periodic table, the Presidents, and country flags.
  • Dragonbox makes a set of iPhone games that teach kids algebra, geometry, and addition. The games are very intuitive and my kids were able to learn algebra and geometry concepts in early elementary school.

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