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  • When Will the Restaurants Re-Open?
    Right now, all the restaurants in New York are closed. Soon, hopefully, they will re-open. What will that be like? Will people go? When I think about this question, it’s just one of a host of “When will we get back to normal?” questions. But I’m not sure that’s the […]
  • Emotional Intelligence for Kids (and Their Parents)
    This pandemic is difficult for kids. They don’t have the same emotional skills and perspective that we do. But there’s one thing that my kids are learning that wasn’t in my curriculum growing up: Emotional Intelligence. Some people think of Emotional Intelligence as a soft skill and don’t see why […]
  • Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake
    This is one of the scariest interview questions. In an interview, you always want to show yourself in the best light. You want to show how perfect you are. But here’s a secret. Interviewers know that you’re not perfect, and that’s OK. It’s more important that you learn from your […]
  • Welcome to My Site!
    About Me I’m a devoted husband and father to an awesome family. For work, I’m a Product Manager who looks at the goals of the business and uses technology to deliver those business and customer goals. I’ve driven transformational change at Citi, AIG, and Amazon Web Services. For more information […]
  • A Biography of Numbers
    In the past few years, I’ve seen books written about lots of different things like elements, molecules, and colors. I’m surprised that no one has written a biography of numbers. Math nerds like me would love this book. I’m thinking it would look like Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every […]
  • Global Pandemic and Global Friendship
    I keep hearing that we’re in a world of social distancing, but social distancing isn’t the right word. We need social connections more than ever to help keep us sane, but we need to physically distance ourselves from one another. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that the novel […]
  • My Ideal Retirement Plan
    I know that money wouldn’t make me happy, but I still had dreams of being an early retiree. I dreamt of being that person who quit their job, moved to Hawaii, and sipped margaritas while I cashed my dividend checks. But as I got older, I realized that it’s not […]
  • Whose Life Do You Save?
    These days, people are having to make really hard decisions. With the  COVID-19 virus overwhelming Italy, doctors are having to make decisions about who lives and who dies. It raises the great moral question, “Given limited resources, who do you save?”
  • Coronavirus Prevention – Everything Great is Bad for You
    Summary: All the things that make a great social event like large groups, diverse groups of people, and close connections also create a great environment to spread coronavirus. After the pandemic is over, it’s worth using the coronavirus prevention guidelines, and going against them, to find great events. What makes […]
  • That Time I was Catfished by a Robot Secretary
      Catfish: To trick someone into a relationship online using a fictional persona and/or photographs. I was trying to set up a meeting with one of my friends. He has his own venture-capital firm so he runs a lean shop. Also, as a venture capitalist, he likes to leverage new […]
  • Guest Post: Blake Schlaff on Fortnite Friendships
    Guest Post: My 10-year-old son Blake is an avid Fortnite player who often plays with his friends. I thought it would be good for him (with my help) to tell everyone about the world of social gaming.  Fortnite is not just a game about fighting. Yes, there is a lot […]
  • Cloud Banking 101: Technology Exists to Support the Business
    Summary: In the beginning, computers were expensive and complicated machines and needed a cadre of high priests to cater to their every beck and call. However, as computers have become cheaper and more ubiquitous in business, technology processes need to become business processes. While many businesses know they have to […]
  • Thomas Heatherwick, Designer and Master Builder
    Great design combines a strong artistic vision with the fulfillment of a real-world need. Thomas Heatherwick, the builder behind the Vessel, exemplifies great design. The first time I saw the Vessel, I was biking along the West Side Highway and saw this wonderful staircase being built. Two things went through […]
  • When a Book Gets Caught Up in the Story. The Art of the Book in the Digital Age
    When I was in college, David Foster Wallace (DFW as he was affectionately referred to) was a literary powerhouse. He was the author that all of the literature fanatics loved to read (or at least said that they loved to read). He wrote books like the thousand-page tour-de-force Infinite Jest […]
  • Capture Better Memories Without a Camera
    I’m always looking to better capture the special moments of my kids growing up. While having an iPhone in my pocket at all times lets me document these experiences, I feel like I’m not capturing the essence of those moments. I started thinking that technology was part of the problem, […]
  • When Millions of Eyes at Amazon Were Wrong
    Disclaimer: I worked at Amazon Web Services as the Head of Banking Business Development. This writing does not represent the views of Amazon and opinions written here are strictly my own. Also, I’ll admit that this post wouldn’t be very interesting if it wasn’t about Amazon; however, it does highlight […]
  • What a Wonderful Word
      I remember the first time it happened to me. It was the first year of business school and we were working on an economics problem set. My friend Yugin had just arrived from Korea and she was correcting an answer for her economics homework. She asked me “What’s the […]
  • How Much is That Really Worth? The Mother-in-Law’s Guide to Valuation
    Dearest Mother-in-Law, Last year, when you and I went to the One World Observatory, we saw that famous tourist location—the penny crushing machine. We watched a tourist put her penny in the machine and then added in a dollar. The machine then crushed the penny into a medallion that she […]
  • Thank You for Being a Friend
    If you threw a party and invited everyone you knew, you would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say, “Thank you for being a friend.” — Theme Song from The Golden Girls In Judaism, the word minyan refers to a group of 10 […]
  • Mother-in-Law’s Guide to Open Banking
    Dearest Mother-in-Law, First of all, Open Banking is not about keeping banks open later in the day or having more banks open on Sundays. Open Banking is about 2 things: Open Banking Regulation: Many countries are regulating how banking data can be used. Open Banking refers to customer ownership of […]