Who is Robert Schlaff?

I’m a devoted husband and father to an awesome family who works at AIG as Head of Commercial Digital Product. For more information about what I do at work, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

What is a Digital Raconteur?

Throughout the 1920s, some friends would meet daily for lunch at the Algonquin Hotel in New York. They included the founding editor of the New Yorker Harold Ross, the playwright George S. Kaufmann and the writer Dorothy Parker. This group, called The Algonquin Round Table,  would meet to tell stories and share quips in a bustling city that was finding its place on the world stage. They were the original raconteurs of New York, getting together to share stories that would enlighten and entertain. In an age when we no longer have two martini lunches, I wanted humbly bring that sensibility online.





Human Behavior


Math and Logic