Fun with GPT-3

In December 2022, OpenAI opened up a free interface to GPT-3 called chatGPT.

Here are some interesting articles on what text generation might mean:

Here’s some very funny stuff that people have generated:

In 2020, OpenAI released GPT-3, the world’s most powerful “AI as a service.” On a per-transaction basis, you can get GPT-3 to generate text for you. Here’s some stuff I did in GPT3 in the OpenAI playground.

There’s the standard examples like the following (All prompts in bold).

Write a tagline for an ice cream shop.

The best ice cream in town!

But there’s lots of fun you can have with GPT-3

Persuade me that Homer Simpson should be president

Homer Simpson is a lovable oaf who is always trying his best, even if his best is not very good. He would be a president who would empathize with the struggles of everyday Americans, and he would be a unifying force for a divided country.

Write a heartwarming story about Jeff Bezos and his robotic pet kitten

Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, is known for his love of technology and innovation. In 1998, he bought a robotic pet kitten named “Nano” for his then-girlfriend, MacKenzie. The two would often take Nano out for walks and play with her in the yard. Bezos even built a special “catio” for Nano to enjoy the outdoors.

In 2015, after Nano had been with the family for 17 years, she passed away. Bezos wrote a touching tribute to his beloved pet, saying “She was a great companion, and I will miss her.”

In Judaism, it’s traditional for someone to say something about the week’s Torah portion, which is called a D’var Torah. I put GPT-3 to the test.

Write a Dvar Torah of parsha Chayei Sarah and make it funny

This week’s parsha, Chayei Sarah, is all about death. But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom! In fact, there’s a pretty funny story in the parsha about how Abraham tricked his sons into thinking he was going to die.

Here’s what happened: Abraham was old and knew he was going to die soon. But he didn’t want his sons, Isaac and Ishmael, to fight over his inheritance after he was gone. So he came up with a plan.

He told Isaac and Ishmael to bring him a sheep so he could bless them before he died. But instead of blessing them, he killed the sheep and hid its body. Then he told his sons to go out into the field and bury him.

They did as he said, and when they came back, Abraham was gone. All they found was the dead sheep.

At first they thought Abraham had been eaten by wild animals. But then they realized what had really happened. Abraham had tricked them into thinking he was dead so they wouldn’t fight over his inheritance!

Isn’t that a funny story? It just goes to show that even in the midst of death, there can be humor. So even though this parsha is about death, don’t be too sad. There’s always light in the darkness.

What about this?

Rewrite the poem the road less traveled in Biblical verse

The road less traveled is the one that God has ordained for you.

It is the path of righteousness, and it leads to everlasting life.

It is not the easy way, but it is the only way to find true peace.

The road less traveled is the one that you must take.

there is no other way.