Life Hacking

  • Memory Hacking. It’s not as hard to build up a great memory as you would think. For a narrative of how a reporter became the US Memory Champion, read Moonwalking with Einstein. If you want to go deeper into memory building, check out The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne.
  • Mood Hacking. At my kids’ school, they are taught Emotional Intelligence skills using RULER, an Emotional Intelligence program from Yale. We never had this education when I was a kid so I was excited when the creator of RULER wrote a book on the topic. They also have a Mood Meter app where you can track your emotions. I found it helpful to track my emotions throughout the day. I found it mind blowing to use the app to understand how my kids are feeling.
  • Priority Hacking. Marshall Goldsmith’s key insight from Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts is that we react to our environment far more than we’d like to admit. He found it beneficial to plant reminders each day to keep us on track. I’ve been using Way of Life to remind me of the things I need to focus on and what I want to be better at.
  • Rain Hacking. Dark Sky is a “Hyperlocal” weather app. It basically tells you if it will be raining in your exact location within the next hour. It’s most useful in the middle of a rainstorm when you don’t have an umbrella. The app can tell you “Is it worth it to make a run for it or wait 5 minutes?”
  • Reality Hacking. While I enjoy daily meditation to calm my mind, it’s amazing when you mix meditation and the real world. Just walking down the street doing this Walking Meditation you can see the world in a whole new way. I listen to the audiobook of On Looking by Alexandra Horowitz and focus on various different perspectives of the world from different experts. And there’s nothing as tasty as eating a ShackBurger from Shake Shack while doing the eating meditation from Headspace.
  • Tools for Life Hacking. Cool Tools is a great site to learn about new and useful tools. I wrote a review of the OXO Sink Strainer a few years ago that became one of their top sellers of the year.