Website History and Reviews and Other Odd Bits

Annual Updates

Here’s a list of some of the annual library updates I’ve sent out at for the New Year:

Jewish New Year

I’m starting a new tradition by sending out a New Year’s Thought. At the beginning of each New Year, I examine my relationship with Judaism and want to share my learning with my friends.


Other Bits

  • My Old Welcome Page. I liked this idea of sitting around and spinning a yarn. I changed it in 2020 to a different idea. Now I’m trying to take an idea and crisply capture and share it.
  • A letter to the editor of the Yale Alumni Magazine about the importance of digital archiving. Here’s the published version. (6/2020)
  • How to Get Better at Stuff (A Book). I started to realize that I have a lot of stories about learning. I should figure out at some point how to merge these into a book. But here’s an early start.

Strange Facts