Some of the nice things people have said to me about my blog.

Reading any other blog is like browsing library books and putting it back after a few minutes. Reading your blog is like watching one short YouTube video, then another, then another. Then, you look up, realize 6 hours have gone by, and wonder, in an oddly satisfied way, how you fell into that black hole. That’s my way of saying, your blog is the most satisfyingly addictive blog I’ve ever read. And I learn a lot from them. Which makes them way better than Youtube cat videos

— Rachel L.

I read your website and it was awesome. It’s like what Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Goop’ but much better.

— Giin L.

What? Your wife doesn’t read your blog. I guess it’s like the way Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t listen to Chris Martin’s music.

— Giin L. again. She seems to really like Gwyneth.

Thank you for making my day. You’ve also introduced me to some new reads and podcasts (listening to The Happiness Lab at this moment—really need this in my life). Hope you are well and a very happy new year to you—or at least not as awful as 2020, because even a little better is a huge improvement. 🙂

— Marla C. on my 2021 update Wishing You a Far Better 2021!

“That wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was probably the most meaningful part of my day.”

— Ron W., upon hearing this story on the way to work.

“I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on your blog. Another excellent post!” And, “I really enjoyed your Jewish New Year post. I shared it with my sons and we discussed it.”

— Seth G.

“Thank you for your post Six Amazonian Secrets You Can Use. I’ve shared it with everyone at work!”

— Srini V.

“I really like what you write. Would you write some pieces for my blog.”

— Lee H., who pays me to write at the Midas Exchange Blog

“Love your post What a Wonderful Word. You should shop it out. I think it’s very creative. Bet the NYT would consider it for next year’s winter season.”

— Josh T.

“The post When Will the Restaurants Reopen was very poetic and beautiful.  It sounded like something from the NYTimes.”

— My Friend Rebecca’s Mom