The Hidden Thirteenth Floor

In my apartment building, like many others, there’s no 13th floor. The floors go right from 12 to 14.

Some people in our building thought it would be funny to tell the boys that they lived on 13. The boys would look between 12 and 14 and say “But there is no 13.” Then they discovered something very interesting. The designers of the elevator pattern needed to make a “B” for the basement. In order to make the circles in the middle of the “B” they decided to make the design into a 13.

This isn’t an accident and is done with other logos and graphic designs. Take the FedEx logo for example.

I bet you never noticed the arrow.

Or the Amazon arrow that tells you that they sell everything from “A” to “Z.”

And there’s many more.

Now the boys ask everyone where the 13 is on the elevator panel. Boy are the adults surprised.