My Published Writing

Magazine Writing—When I Used to Get Paid to Write

After college, I did some magazine writing. I was a Contributing Editor on the Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly from 1998 (when I was a senior in college) until the magazine closed in 2004. In 1999 I went on an Abercrombie & Fitch photo shoot I got to take some pictures of some models before a shoot and on a boat. I also got a pic of me and a model and I look absurdly goofy by comparison.

Here are some of the pieces I wrote and some of the stories of how and why I wrote them.

My Mobile Payments Writing at Citi

Ashwin Shivaikar from Citi’s Equity Research group and I joined forces to write two reports Upwardly Mobile I (pdf) and Upwardly Mobile II (pdf). The pieces were very well received and we had the honor of giving out 2000 of these at first Money 2020 Conference. I also gave a 10-minute presentation at a payments conference. Kate Fitzgerald wrote it up in surprising detail in American Banker in an article called Simplicity, Usefulness Should Guide Mobile Wallet Development.

Some Older Stuff

Here’s a fun older bit from college. I wrote up this article on how difficult it is to make rules against encryption (pdf). I also wrote a blog post about this time in encryption policy and how it inspired my favorite tee shirt. I was thinking it wasn’t worth posting but then I remembered that someone thought it was the most interesting article in the magazine Crossroads in 1998